“We had so much fun doing the photo shoot for our hen do. Thank you for helping us to have the time of our lives this weekend and giving us memories that we will cherish forever.” – Ruth G. 

“You simply cannot stag in Amsterdam without doing this – it is insanely good fun!”  – Robert H.

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Extra ordinary photo shoot in a previous window brothel in Amsterdams city center.

Our photo shoot turns the tables. You and your friends will be photographed in funny scenes/positions.

Hilarious activity, perfect for a stag/hen do, ladies night or a day out in Amsterdam!


Our photo shoot is perfect for groups of men and women.

We have welcomed many stag & hen parties, womens night out, friends etc.

The photo shoot location is just 5 minutes walking from Amsterdam Central Station.

Red Light Photo Shoot

Make your visit to the Red Light District complete with a photo shoot in a previous window brothel in Amsterdams famous ‘Skinny Alley’ (the most narrow alley of Amsterdam).

In the style of the movie ‘The Hangover’ you’ll make unforgettable and really funny photo’s with your friends. Before the photo shoot begins your host will tell some stories about the Red Light District and all its ins and outs.


Funniest activity in Amsterdam

We have trashy and funny outfits, wips, wigs, masks etc. to make your Red Light Photo Shoot complete. Dress your best friend up in a trashy costume! You can wear something funny or sexy, become a gimp, pimp or a big stripper. Find a nice wig or mask and take place on our notorious bed: the photo shoot can begin. Welcome to your private Red Light Comedy Show!

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T:  +31 (0)20 753 93 99

M:  +31 (0)6 534 898 54

E: info at dutchtourcompany.com

We had a lot of fun and laughed the entire time. Our hostess was great and super sweet! The bride to be enjoyed it and was happy with the surprise. Recommend this to all, no matter the occasion.

H. Hamilton

I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic photo shoot with you guys! You made it so much fun, the costumes are hilarious, we didn’t stop laughing! C. Turner


The photographer creates funny scenes/positions. All you have to do is put up your worst Hangover face!

Depending on your program you’ll receive individual photos, photos in different group compositions and group photos with everybody.


There are 3 locations where we take photos.

We flip open our notorious bed, create scenes on the bed, take photos in front of our windows and -when possible- in Amsterdams famous Skinny Alley.


The photo shoot takes place in our former window brothel the Red Light Workshop, in the middle of the Red Light District.

Our location is just 5 minutes walking from the Central Station and the Dam Square. See the map below.

Red Light Workshop


We have a few different programs with different budgets. Read below what program suits you best.


  • The stag/hen gets dressed with a maximum of 4 people. The first part of the photo shoot will be centered around these 5 people in costume.
  • During the group photos everybody joins and can wear a wig, mask or attribute.
  • There is free coffee/tea and a mini workshop and present for the hen.
  • You’ll receive a digital photo album.

Tip: book the 30 minute option if not everyone wants to be ‘in the spotlights’, if you’re on a tight budget, or as an add-on for your program.

  • Minimum of 8 persons
  • Prices 15.- per person 
  • Everybody can get dressed in a funny, trashy or sexy outfit (one costume per person)
  • There are wigs, hats and attributes. We have free coffee/tea and sweets.
  • The stag/hen will get a funny mini workshop and receive a present.
  • You’ll receive a digital photo album.
  • Minimum of 8 persons
  • Price: 25,- pp

A 2 hour private pub walk + a mini photo shoot. This program includes:


  • two beer/wine/or soft drinks
  • 2 exotic shots
  • visit to bars, cafes, tasting rooms etc.
  • optionally with drop off in a live music or dancing bar (free)
  • your own private local guide
  • mini Red Light Photo Shoot: 3 persons receive a costume, everyone joins during the group photos. About 10-15 minutes. Receive all photos digital.

This program takes 2 hours

Price: 35,- pp

Minimum of 8 persons, no max (about 25 persons per guide)

Read more about our Pub Walk here


Hilarious and delicious cunt cake workshop. The only cunt that you can eat without any problems! This program includes:



○ One professionaly decorated cunt cake (per person)

○ One cunt cake to be decorated by you (per person)

○ All the materials to create a cunt cake

○ Free coffee and tee, sweets

○ Dutch (erotic) design gift

○ Funny ‘cunt cake photos’

○ All photos in a digital Dropbox album

○ Private space in the Red Light District

○ Group visit erotic store (optional)

Time: 1 hour

Price: 29 pp incl VAT

Plus 1 hr photo shoot: 54,- now for 49 pp

Minimum of 8 persons, max 16

Read more about the Cunt Cake Workshop here


Leave your details and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Please let us know:

  • what program you would like to book
  • your date and time preferences
  • with how many people you’ll come

10 + 15 =

Contact Us

T:  +31 (0)20 753 93 99

M:  +31 (0)6 534 898 54

E: info at dutchtourcompany.com

A: Trompettersteeg 5, 1012 HB Amsterdam